Fundraising Tips

Fundraise and make a difference:

Want to rally friends, family and coworkers to support your passion for Hospice of Marshall County?  Want to do more to provide compassionate care for your friends and neighbors that need quality end-of-life care?  We'll give you tools to build your own Web page, send emails, set fundraising goals, collect donations and acknowledge your supporters. And all of the funds you raise help provide support to patients with life-limiting illness and their families.

The No. 1 reason that people donate is……because they are asked!

10 Easy Steps to Raise $250 and become a Hospice Hero!

 1. Show your commitment and contribute


 2. Ask spouse/friend to match your donation


 3. Ask a friend or family member to raise money on your behalf


 4. Ask vendors/suppliers


 5. Ask someone who has experienced Hospice care


 6. Ask your five best friends for $10 each


 7. Ask 5 friends at church or in an organization for $5 each


 8. Send an email or letter to your holiday card mailing list inviting friends to contribute


 9. Ask your barber/hairstylist to donate


10. Ask someone who has asked you for support





Tips on Conducting a Successful Fundraising Campaign

1.    Start Early

Develop a list of potential donors and how much you will ask each person.  Who do you give to?  Include friends and family from your holiday card list.  Did you include any personal vendors: dry cleaner, day care, banker, physician, dentist, hair stylist, car dealer or real estate agent?

2.    Instill Passion!

Ask people who may have experienced hospice care.  Share your story... why you are raising money!  Include pictures of the person you are racing in memory of and share the real-life impact hospice can make.

3.    Raise Money Online

Register online and personalize your Race to Remember page (through RaceRoster) with a photo and short story of why you care about raising money for Hospice of Marshall County.  Already registered?  You can always log into your Race Roster account to edit your page, send emails and more by visiting (You can log in at the top right corner)  Add your personal touches to the email templates before sending to friends and family. They are much more likely to respond to a personal and passionate story.

4.    Send a Fundraising Letter

Create a solicitation letter and/or email to send to prospective donors. Be sure to add your personal story and motivation for being a participant in the Race to Remember.  Include a self addressed stamped envelope with your letter to make it easy for your donors to contribute.

5.    Place a follow up call to all friends and family who have not responded.

 Set aside a Time to Call

6.    Ask in Person

Identify those individuals you will be seeing in a meeting, at the soccer field, church, business meeting; and ask for a donation in person!